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Museum of Forest Finns in Norway

project by Karli Luik, Johan Tali , Mae Köömnemägi, Harri Kaplan

public competition entry


The Museum of Forest Finns will at first glance leave an expression of an exposition of an actual forest finn settlement in its original natural environment. The assembly of original log houses are resting on a green plateau that becomes the museum entrance only after its looked at from the riverside or visitors circulate down the path towards the river.

Outdoor areas around the museum are envisioned as low-key  pathways that meander along the riverside site - the only truly designed pathway is the loop around the plinth that leads to the main entrance of the building. In addition, wheelchair access from the parking lot is paved with stone along the ramps that slope down the riverside.  

When entering the building the visitors are welcomed in a large entrance lobby with ticketing, cafe, wardrobe and gift shop.  The open plan exhibition space is organised in the center with supporting rooms (auditorium, meeting rooms, exhibition preparation and storage rooms and cafeteria service area) separating the areas with natural light (library, office spaces).

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