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Saue Parish Center

completed 2020


Arhitecture and head contractor of planning:  molumba - Karli Luik and  Johan Tali with project architects  Mae Köömnemägi, Heidi Urb

Structural Engineering : Makespace - Laur Lõvi and Triin Sigus
Interior Architecture :  eeoo studio (Eeva Masso (with Katrin Tammsaar, Jaana Albert)) in collaboration with  molumba

Landscape Architecture: molumba
Vegetation concept : Ruumikujundusbüroo Polka - Maarja Gustavson
Engineering: O3 Technology

area: 1300 m2
Programme: office and reception 

Client Saue Parish Administration
General Contractor: Embach Ehitus OÜ
Budget: 2,5 mil EUR

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