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_004_INTERSPACE_image by Johan Tali
_001_ image by Bika Rebek
_002_ image by Bika Rebek
_003_ image by Bika Rebek
_005_Image_by_Johan Tali
_007_ by Loit Jõekalda


project by Johan Tali, Siim Tuksam

and Johanna Jõekalda

exhibition project entry, 1st prize

2013 May – 2014 November

The Estonian exhibition Interspace (in Estonian 'Vaba ruum') at 2014 la Biennale di Venezia was exploring new tendencies in public placemaking. In an information society, the fundamental communicative role of architecture is being challenged by networked technologies that produce a multitude of personalized understandings of the public sphere. 

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